Best Online Casinos in New Zealand

New Zeland online casinos present a great opportunity to play best games no matter where you are. In this beautiful and modern country people adore adrenaline and demand only highest level of services. That’s why it is right place for both beginners and professionals in gambling world.

How to play and win in NZ online casino

If you want to spend a little time and earn some money than pay your attention to our top-10 list of most cool and profitable casino in New Zeland. Here is the full list:

Maybe you know several of them, maybe you don’t, but no matter what these mentioned online casino New Zeland is famous for are really the best. Such verdict was made by specialists of onlinecazinoz who had investigated lots of gambling establishments and knows everything about casino world.

NZ Casinos

Why listed below casinos are the best for greens and pros?

Because it’s not a simple list where we gathered together all famous establishments, but analyze each of them according to special criteria. Such approach allowed us making a smart, fair and useful article. All of these New Zeland casinos online are checked and ready to welcome you warmly.

How to Pick a Secure Online Casino

Follow these steps to discover a safe, trustworthy, and reputable online casino that you can trust
Pay attention to: Licence availability Availability of popular game providers Workability on different platforms Quality support service Quick deposit and withdrawal times
Licence availability
Licence availability
Online casinos must be licensed. The most often used licenses are Curacao Gaming License, Malta Gaming License, The United Kingdom Gambling Commissionе
Availability of popular game providers
Availability of popular game providers
Good online casinos have on their site games only from proven providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Quickspin and others. They do not provide games from unpopular and unknown providers.
Workability on different platforms
Workability on different platforms
A quality online casino runs on various platforms, on PCs, smartphones and tablets based on Android and iOS. The user won't have any problems accessing from one or the other device.
Quality support service
Quality support service
The support service of a quality online casino will quickly answer any question the user may have, both in the chat room on the casino website and by email.

You may be interested in our factors which helped to create this useful list. Here they are:

The number of games

What is the main reason you start to play at online casino? It’s obviously aspiring to play slot, table or live dealer games. So you will not be satisfied only in case there several games. Most online casinos (For example Spin Place Online Casino) propose a great variety of games. In average you’ll be provided with 200-300 games, but several gambling establishments will shock you with 500 and more games.

Such great choice has 2 sides. On the one hand you’ll be able to choose games, test them and pick own list ‘best of the best’ in which you are really amazing. But on the other hand it is quite easy to get twisted and feel uncomfortable. In any case it’s better to start your financial career at ‘rich’ online casino New Zeland has and increase your mastery.

New Zealand Casino Games

That’s why we pick to our list only those casinos where at list 300+ games are available. Just choose what you like, pick the best and enjoy! If you get twisted than connect with operator and ask for recommendations.

A help for free

No matter are you experienced players or not, but new platform has new particularities, so everyone may need a good customer support. In most cases a simple consultation can solve a disaster.

For example, you have bet, but don’t know what’s next. In a few seconds you connect to live chat, explain manager your situation and together you solve the problem.

Around the clock support is the second criteria we used to analyze New Zeland online casinos. We logged in the website, connected to customer support and waited for the answer. If it was fast enough, this casino continued its way in our experiment.

Welcome bonuses, loyalty programs and Jackpots

There are special systems which allow gamers to earn more. Generous motivation makes people to play with real interest. And the biggest thing to attract people is high jackpots. Are you interested in earning 1 million dollars? Of course, you are.

But not all online casinos in New Zeland has special programs to involve more gamers. So we have paid much attention to analyze loyalty programs and its transparency. Our top casinos are meant to motivate new and experienced gamers and make their gameplay as interesting as it’s possible.

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I don’t know how to determine is payout percentage real or not. How should I check it?

First of all you shouldn’t do it, because guys from have already done it. We have to analyze this index to make sure New Zealand online casino is presented with proper places to play and win not to lose. Secondly there several independent companies which have been testing casinos for clear gameplay on a regular basis. As a result if gambling establishment passes this check it gets special certificate to confirm own fairness. We did examine the payout percentage of each company and check their certification. You can pick one of the listed below New Zealand casino and play without fear to be cheated on. It’s important: in general fair casinos have around 95 per cent of payout. Such number allows them to earn a good commission to develop own company and propose clients attractive conditions to play. Check this out: betting dollar you may obviously gain 95 cents.

How does casino find a winner?

No matter what most movies show us modern casino doesn’t use random algorithms. But it doesn’t mean that results are manipulated and fragile. In a real life they do use special methods which are approved by proper companies. As a result each gambler has equal rights to win.

Is it safe to play? I have cash on my banking account and afraid someone can steal it…

It’s no secret you’ve got such fear. In the beginning of its development gambling business used simple approach to connect clients with server. As a result the guidelines were too weak to protect them from simple scams. But years have passed and online casinos are supported by developers and monitored to be safe. Besides, a special SSl script is used which protects casino customers. But not all of casinos tend to work fair, most of them aspire to get quick money and fade away. And you know, it is easy to find out for specialist. So what did we do for you. The top-10 list has only these online casinos which we would like to play by our own or recommended our friends and relatives. Each gambling establishment was proved and sorted from 1st to 10th place. So your financial future depends only on your efforts and desire. Besides, you should follow simple rules and your personal data would be safe. For instance, create strong password, not to tell it to anybody, use only one browser, not to log in from public places, better download special software, etc. If you don’t know how to install Microgaming software on your computer just use a wizard. These simple recommendations can rescue you financial career at the best online gambling establishments.